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RosCon-2008 / Interpresscon-2008

Moscow, May 15-18, 2008

Eurocon, from 1972 - the main European SF convention.

RosCon, from 2001 - the main Russian SF convention.

The Roscon was born in 2001 and turned out to be first Russian SF convention held in 21st century. In last seven years, Roscon become a place for regular meetings of most well-known writers, translators, critics, publishers who work in SF field in Russia and other CIS states. We can name Sergei Lukianenko, Nick Perumov, Vladimir Mikhailov, Marina and Sergei Dyachenko, Vasily Golovachev, Oleg Divov, Alexander Gromov, Eugeny Lukin, Henry Lion Oldie, Andrei Lazarchuk, Vladimdir Vasilyev, Alexei Pekhov... Until his last days, famous Russian SF writer Kir Bulychev was with us.

It was Roscon that renewed in Russia such form of intercourse of SF authors as master-class. It was Roscon that started to rebuild bridges between writers and cinematographers. And it was Roscon that hosted the pre-premiere of international movie blockbuster The Night Watch.

Nowadays, Roscon is most attended literary event in Eastern Europe. Every year we enjoy more than 600 participants. The Roscon events are regularly covered by leading mass-media of Russian Federation, including First TV channel and central newspapers.


Eurocon 2008 took place May 15-18 in hotel Lesnie Dali near Moscow, Russia. This year it was combined with Roscon, biggest Russian SF&F convention. About 1000 participants (chiefly from Eastern Europe) took part in seminars and presentations, concerts and cinema shows, master-classes for young authors and rewarding ceremonies.

ESFS awards went to:

- Alexander Gromov (Russia) - Best Author nomination (Cristopher Priest was a runner-up!)
- Roman Papsuev (Russia) - Best Artist nomination
- Michael Kandel (USA/UK) and Lyubomir Nikolov (Bulgaria) - Best Translator nomination (a tie!)
- InfoDar (Bulgaria) - Best Publisher nomination
- FANtastica (Russia) - Best Magazine nomination
- Konetz Epochi / End of Age (Russia) - Best Fanzine nomination
- Russell T. Davies (UK) - Best Promoter nomination

ESFS encouragement awards went to:

- Nika Rakitina (Belarus)
- Georgy Karadjov (Bulgaria)
- Josef Antal (Hungary)
- Helena Ziemane (Latvia)
- Vladimir Danikhnov (Russia)
- Marina Sokolyan (Ukraine)

ESFS special awards (for contribution to science fiction fandom) went to:

- Ken Slater (UK)
- Judit Trethon (Hungary)

Traditional Roscon awards (for SF written in Russian) went to:

- Marina and Sergei Dyachenko (Ukraine), for best novel Vita Nostra
- Oleg Divov (Russia), for best novelette My idem na Curacao / We make our way to Curacao

Bronze Snail awards (personal prize of Boris Strugatsky) went to:

- Igor Sokhnovsky (Russia), for novel Chelovek, kotory znal vsyo / The Man, who knew everything
- Evgeny Lukin (Russia), for novella Bytie nashe dyrchatoe / Our perforated existence
- Maria Galina (Russia), for short story Povodyr' / Guide
- Gennady Prashkevich (Russia), for non-fiction book Krasny sfinx / Red sphinx

Alice award (for best juvenile SF) went to

Ekaterina Murashova, author of novel Klass korrekzii / Class of correction

Fantast of the Year award (for best-selling SF written in Russan) went to

Maria Semenova (Russia), author of Volkodav / Wolfhound series

Big Roscon award (for life achivements) went to

Harry Harrison (USA/Ireland)

Harry Harrison was Guest of Honour of Eurocon 2008. Russian cosmonauts Georgy Grechko and Sergei Zhukov had the same status.

Most memorable events of convention were:

- pre-premiere of Alice's Birthday animated movie (based on Kir Bulychev's novella)
- presentation of new biographic book about Strugatsky brothers (written by Ant Skalandis)
- Slavonic SF today seminar
- Making scenarios for computer games seminar
- fantastic poetry readings

There were two bids for Eurocon 2010: London and Cziesyn (united bid of Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic). Surprisingly for some people, London didn't win. Eurocon 2010 will be held in Cziesyn.




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