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Moscow, may 15-18

The WAY to "LESNYE DALI" on Thursday

We recommend to use special free convention buses departuring at 11.00 and at 14.00 Moscow time.
You should choose 1-st carriage of subway train and corresponding exit at Molodezhnaya station (darkblue branch line in metro-map)
On coming out the subway you'll have to cross the square.
Please take a look on scheme attached.

If you happen to miss last free bus please take bus 121 or 'marshrutka' 121 (little yellow buses). You should go to very last station - 'Lesnie Dali'. And then some meters to the right - to entrance.

The phone of ROSCON committee: +7-901-509-65-78

"Lesnye Dali"

1. – Pass Control
2. - Parking
3. - Grocery
4. – Sports and Fitness Complex
5. - Restaurnat «Lesnyye Dali»
6. – Big Restaurant and Cinema
7. – Barbeque Place at Moscow River bank
8. - Restaurant «Pumba»

Accommodation policy (guests category priorities; if slots are available, accessible by any member):

«Lesnyye Dali»:
Building 1 (20 luxury rooms) - GoHs;
Building 2 (20 luxury rooms) – special guests;
Building 3 (20 luxury rooms) – very expensive rooms for those who want the most comfortable accommodation;
Building 4 (20 budget 2-bedroom apts.) – master-classes attendees;
Building 6 (60 large 1-bedroom apts.) – organizing committee;
Building 7 (140 1-bedroom apts.) – frequent convention goers, foreigners;
«Polyany» Guest House
(large 1 and 2-beroom apts., 800 meters away from Lesnyye Dali; 120 budget rooms and many luxury rooms) – any members.
Total accommodation possible in the two guest houses is around 2000, actually up to 1500 (because not everyone prefer high density stay).
In 1-bedroom apts. in Polyany up to 3 people can stay; in 2-bedroom apts. in Polyany 2 to 4 people can stay.
All apts. in any building but building 7 in Lesnyye Dali have kitchen.

Events of the convention will be run at:
(1) Cinema, «Lesnyye Dali»
(2) Library Conference Hall, «Lesnyye Dali»
(3) Billiard Hall, «Lesnyye Dali»
(4) Hall in the Building 3, «Lesnyye Dali»
(5) Hall in the Building 4, «Lesnyye Dali»
(6) Hall in the Building 6, «Lesnyye Dali»
(7) Another hall in the Building 6, «Lesnyye Dali»
(8) Conference Hall, «Polyany»
(9) Bowling Hall, «Polyany»
(10) Barbeque place on the bank of Moscow River

Dollar course (january 2008):
1 $ = 24.63 rub
1 EUR = 35.98 rub

«Lesnyye Dali»: (the prices under construction>
single-room - €
in one-roomed apartment (with every conveniences) for two people, per one - €
in two-roomed apartment for two people - €
in two-roomed apartment for 4 people - €
in one-roomed apartment (for 3 people) with kitchen - €
"Poljany" (another pansionate)
in one-roomed apartment for 3 or 4 people
- €

Foreign members who wish to visit Moscow can arrive on Monday or later and reside in hotel Izmailovo. Our GoHs will live there before the convention and the organizing committee will be able to assist you with sightseeing arrangements, etc… Hotel prices: 1-bedroom – EUR 90-100 per night (breakfast not included). (Visa support is included!) The hotel’s website: http://www.izmailovo.ru/eng/





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